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Horizon Zero Dawn Review


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Why recruiters fail to hire candidates.

Anything related to technical industries is always controversial when it comes to employment and recruiting. Nontechnical individuals must hire technical individuals who know more about the topic then the recruiter. This causes a disconnect between the individuals, but it is not the only one. There are several approaches that will either turn away potential applicants […]

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Story Hooks and Transitions

New page for #GameDesign and #rpg #campaign #adventures

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What is next for space?

Where we are and where we are going in the future. Read More

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Minimalism Methodology

Minimalism Methodology is a series of processes that are designed to improve the business model through proven techniques that apply specifically to modern businesses. The models and methods employed can be applied to any company or organization that is either centered on Information Systems or Information Technology. The scope is wide ranged to cover all […]

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Software Development Life Cycle (6 Parts)

Designing complex systems is always important for any company. The smaller organizations tend to let some aspects relax too far in order to maintain timelines and profitability. The problem with this is that there is a significant lack of quality, durability and stability in the product’s first few versions. In a similar extreme, large companies […]

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Gamasutra Repostings

The most popular blog entries are now available on Gamasutra. I will be adding selected entries every so often so watch the RSS, DevelopingBy.Me, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn or Gamasutra for future updates.

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PVP is a way of life

Every game designer, developer or player knows that PVP is just as important as PVE. The problem is that game developers and players have different ideas on what should be done for PVP and how the system should be designed and laid out. In order to help new developers in understanding the complexities of PVP […]

Mission and Quest Series Parts 1-4

Everyone, The Mission and Quest design series has been completed for Parts 1 through 4. There may be more added in the future; however, these sections provide critical information for designers in order to understand what can and should be done during the design phase. The articles do not cover every topic but it will […]

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Consulting Services

We are currently accepting clients for consulting services. Our services include Software Design and Development Review, Documentation Review, Project Management Assistance and code level analysis and review. In addition we are planning to release several new articles in our Quest and Mission series in addition to general software development articles. Stanley Handschuh

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