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AI Programming

Welcome to Artificial Inelegance [AI] Programming!

    It is important to understand that all kinds of programming use AIs. The most well known are games or virtual simulations. The AI is simply the computer logic that makes things happen. This section will list out every article related to AI. I hope they help in your programming ventures. Just remember that AI’s are also present within programs such as Microsoft Word for spell checking! The logic Required to create the spell checker that most people use every day is a form of AI. Who would have thought of that?

Basic AI

Artificial Intelligence: Overview
Artificial Intelligence: Basics
Finite State Machines

Advanced AI

Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Genetic Algorithms
Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks Single Mob
Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks for a Group


Pathfinding Basics
Pathfinding: A*
Pathfinding: Ray Casting

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