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DROP Statement

    The DROP statement will remove a table from the schema. Just like other table alterations, this needs to be handled with the greatest of care. The problem is once a table is dropped the data is lost. It is commonly used for temporary tables and should not be applied to permanent tables unless the DBA has properly redesigned the system or is fixing an error in the table that requires it to be rebuilt and restored. The DROP statement can also be used to remove a schema. Again the DBA needs to be aware of the reproductions of doing this. Finally the DROP statement can be used to remove an index. It is important that to understand that removing an INDEX will slow down the database queries however it is necessary if it needs to be rebuilt. The following table shows the syntax for all three commands.


SQL Syntax Description
DROP TABLE table_name Removes a table
DROP DATABASE schema_name Removes a schema
DROP INDEX table_name.index_name Removes an index