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Character Development

The player character [PC] is the most important thing in any game. This is because that is the one object that the player will interact with for the entire time they are in the game. There are other things such as combat, items, the environment, etc. however the player does not see them evolve or […]

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Story Design

There are two new articles on story design. Check out Story Writing Concepts and Story Development. These two articles build on Story Design Basics and will provide Authors some ideas for how to approach writing the story for a game.

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Story Development

After coming up with some basic ideas for who the characters are and what the story is going to be how is that developed into a full blown story that the player is going to want to interact with or read? This is the hardest part of writing the story is keeping it interesting but […]

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Story Writing Concepts

    Designing a game can be a daunting challenge for any project team. It is important that each stage is properly researched and documented prior to the actual development of the final product. However, there are several aspects to games that mostly deal with game play but the one area that most games fail to engage […]

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There are many different articles about how to program different concepts. However many times the simple concepts are lost. One area that is often overlooked is the need for documentation and how it should be applied within the application. There are different types of documentation that need to be addressed when designing any application and […]

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Story Design Basics

    Game development is more than just graphics and gameplay. Most good games have a story that the players will follow. The story will wrap them into the game environment and provide them the mental desire or need to continue playing. It also takes the repetition out of the game. Older games do not have much […]

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Game Setting and Genre

There are several steps necessary to develop the game project. The first requirement is that the game’s genre and setting are selected. There are dozens of possible settings and another dozen genres that can define the initial concept for the game. The most popular game settings are Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Science-Fiction, and Super-Hero. These settings […]

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