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Software Design

Welcome to Software Design and Programming!     In previous articles more complex concepts were examined in brief. However, this section of the game development process will be taken into specific areas required to produce a fully formed game concept. The software development process is long but through these pages it should be fairly easy to understand […]

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Story Development

After coming up with some basic ideas for who the characters are and what the story is going to be how is that developed into a full blown story that the player is going to want to interact with or read? This is the hardest part of writing the story is keeping it interesting but […]

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Story Writing Concepts

    Designing a game can be a daunting challenge for any project team. It is important that each stage is properly researched and documented prior to the actual development of the final product. However, there are several aspects to games that mostly deal with game play but the one area that most games fail to engage […]

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OOP for Games

Object Oriented Programming [OOP] has quickly become the standard for applications. These concepts can be applied for any project the developer is working on. There are cases where good design is better than visual quality. This is because graphics, images, layouts can be quickly modified, updated or replaced with better ones prior to release. However, […]

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OOP Articles

New articles on Object Oriented Programming have been posted and more will follow soon. Keep looking back for new articles.

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OOP Design Basics

When developing a software project it is important to understand how to design the classes and how they work together. This is the essence of Object Oriented Programming [OOP]. In OOP classes can be self-standing, extend another class, implement an interface or be extended into another class. This can sound complicated, but it is fairly […]

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Simple Combat Logic

In game development there are two kinds of problem solving. The first is on the programming side and the second is the logic of the MOB’s AI. When it comes to the logic of the MOB both are used but it is important to understand a few things prior to delving into developing a logical […]

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Story Design Basics

    Game development is more than just graphics and gameplay. Most good games have a story that the players will follow. The story will wrap them into the game environment and provide them the mental desire or need to continue playing. It also takes the repetition out of the game. Older games do not have much […]

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Graphical Design 2D/3D

Game development is quite a complex field however one of the most important areas that any development team must address for the project is deciding what style game will be developed. Currently on the market there are two major styles they are 2D and 3D. However within each there are several different sub categories. Deciding […]

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Game Setting and Genre

There are several steps necessary to develop the game project. The first requirement is that the game’s genre and setting are selected. There are dozens of possible settings and another dozen genres that can define the initial concept for the game. The most popular game settings are Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Science-Fiction, and Super-Hero. These settings […]

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