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Finite State Machines

    There are many different kinds of AI used in modern games. In the previous post AI Basics, the generalities of how simple logic could be used to determine what the NPC could do was explained. However, AI’s are typically more involved than a simple explanation can provide. Not every AI needs to be a complex […]

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Story Writing Concepts

    Designing a game can be a daunting challenge for any project team. It is important that each stage is properly researched and documented prior to the actual development of the final product. However, there are several aspects to games that mostly deal with game play but the one area that most games fail to engage […]

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OOP for Games

Object Oriented Programming [OOP] has quickly become the standard for applications. These concepts can be applied for any project the developer is working on. There are cases where good design is better than visual quality. This is because graphics, images, layouts can be quickly modified, updated or replaced with better ones prior to release. However, […]

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Simple Combat Logic

In game development there are two kinds of problem solving. The first is on the programming side and the second is the logic of the MOB’s AI. When it comes to the logic of the MOB both are used but it is important to understand a few things prior to delving into developing a logical […]

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Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms [GA] are rarely used within the gaming environment because the results can be unpredictable if each of the generations are not properly controlled. A GA is not as difficult to implement as some advanced concepts, however, the ability to predict the results can make it impractical. In order to understand how GA could […]

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Game Design

Welcome to Game Design!     This is the most complicated section of software development. The only area that is more complex than the design of the game itself is the programming of the game. This is a critical section and needed to be separated so that the articles are not mixed in to other areas that […]

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Request for the site

If there are any concepts, topics or ideas that you would like to see on the site feel free to send me a message and I will consider them for future posts. Stanley Handschuh

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Development Poll

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AI Pathfinding Ray Casting

    There are two major types of pathfinding the first is dynamic the second is static. The difference between the two is whether the path is generated in real-time or predefined. In either case the path can be created and held either on the client or the server. Typically dynamic paths are created on the client […]

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