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If there are any concepts, topics or ideas that you would like to see on the site feel free to send me a message and I will consider them for future posts. Stanley Handschuh

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Hay everyone, The current thread concentrating on Neural Networks has been completed however if there is a focus that you would like to read about I can post that in a future post. I have pathfinding techniques coming up this week. This will build on the concepts of Neural Networking and Advanced AI’s that I […]

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Neural Networks for Groups

Neural Networks [NN] also work well in groups. In part one it was demonstrated how the concept could be utilized for a single mob. However groups react differently. This is because there should be two different mentalities at work. The first is the individual personality and second is the group personality. Each has weight within […]

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Neural Networks for a Single Mob

Neural Networking [NN] is something new to the gaming world. This is because the programming behind it can be complicated and hard to implement. The best way to explain how it works is that each attribute or statistic is used to create something unique by summing up all of the attributes into a single set […]

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AI Basics

Artificial Intelligence [AI] is a fundamental requirement of any game development. There are several aspects that must be in place before the developer can produce the AI. The developer first must have a working environment that could be a 2D slide scroller or a complex 3D Online Game. The actual game style has little control […]

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AI Programming

Welcome to Artificial Inelegance [AI] Programming!     It is important to understand that all kinds of programming use AIs. The most well known are games or virtual simulations. The AI is simply the computer logic that makes things happen. This section will list out every article related to AI. I hope they help in your programming […]

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