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OOP Design

Software Design

Welcome to Software Design and Programming!     In previous articles more complex concepts were examined in brief. However, this section of the game development process will be taken into specific areas required to produce a fully formed game concept. The software development process is long but through these pages it should be fairly easy to understand […]

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Bass Classes and Inheritance

OOP development has several concepts that are unique to it but are now common place in software development. One of these areas is the concept of inheritance. Every language covers these concepts differently yet they all use it for the same reason. Inheritance is the ability for the developer to extend a current class by […]

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Structured Query Language (SQL)

Introduction The SQL Reference Guide is a multipart document designed to introduce the reader to the basics of SQL. In most Relational Database Management Systems [RDBMS] that use Structured Query Language [SQL] the following is the standard syntax. There are differences between SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and any other that might be in use. […]

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OOP for Games

Object Oriented Programming [OOP] has quickly become the standard for applications. These concepts can be applied for any project the developer is working on. There are cases where good design is better than visual quality. This is because graphics, images, layouts can be quickly modified, updated or replaced with better ones prior to release. However, […]

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OOP Articles

New articles on Object Oriented Programming have been posted and more will follow soon. Keep looking back for new articles.

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OOP Design Basics

When developing a software project it is important to understand how to design the classes and how they work together. This is the essence of Object Oriented Programming [OOP]. In OOP classes can be self-standing, extend another class, implement an interface or be extended into another class. This can sound complicated, but it is fairly […]

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Simple Combat Logic

In game development there are two kinds of problem solving. The first is on the programming side and the second is the logic of the MOB’s AI. When it comes to the logic of the MOB both are used but it is important to understand a few things prior to delving into developing a logical […]

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There are many different articles about how to program different concepts. However many times the simple concepts are lost. One area that is often overlooked is the need for documentation and how it should be applied within the application. There are different types of documentation that need to be addressed when designing any application and […]

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Game Design

Welcome to Game Design!     This is the most complicated section of software development. The only area that is more complex than the design of the game itself is the programming of the game. This is a critical section and needed to be separated so that the articles are not mixed in to other areas that […]

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Programming Languages

In software design there are a great many concepts and areas of thought that need to be addressed prior to starting the development of the project. In game development this is no different than any other software development project. The first thing that needs to be addressed is the programming language that will be used […]

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