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SDLC Part 1, Overview

Overview      Designing complex systems is always important for any company. The smaller organizations tend to let some aspects relax too far in order to maintain timelines and profitability. The problem with this is that there is a significant lack of quality, durability and stability in the product’s first few versions. In a similar […]

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Gamasutra Repostings

The most popular blog entries are now available on Gamasutra. I will be adding selected entries every so often so watch the RSS, DevelopingBy.Me, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn or Gamasutra for future updates.

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Mission and Quest Series Parts 1-4

Everyone, The Mission and Quest design series has been completed for Parts 1 through 4. There may be more added in the future; however, these sections provide critical information for designers in order to understand what can and should be done during the design phase. The articles do not cover every topic but it will […]

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Quests and Story Arcs, Part 4

    Quests are an ideal way for the developers to progress the story of a campaign. There are other ways this can be done, but a quest chain is more involved. By using the quest chain between story segments the player feels like their actions are part of the outcome of the campaign even if their […]

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Consulting Services

We are currently accepting clients for consulting services. Our services include Software Design and Development Review, Documentation Review, Project Management Assistance and code level analysis and review. In addition we are planning to release several new articles in our Quest and Mission series in addition to general software development articles. Stanley Handschuh

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Combat Mission Design, Part 2

    Games have a wide verity of missions that the players can do in order to obtain items or experience. Mission and Quest Types, Part 1 provides an overview of the major types of missions. However, it is important to examine different types of missions in more detail. The most straight forward mission type is the travel […]

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Mission and Quest Types, Part 1

    One of the defining factors in a game is how Missions or Quests are handled. These tasks given to players provide several different aspects that drive the game. First they provide the story that the player is taking part in. They also provide experience, game knowledge, and items that will help the player out over […]

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Character Skills and Abilities

Player Characters [PCs] have more than basic statistics. They also have skills and abilities that augment them and allow them to become more efficient. Depending on how the system is designed it is possible for every character to be identical or completely different. There are two major systems that are used for games. The first […]

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Character Development

The player character [PC] is the most important thing in any game. This is because that is the one object that the player will interact with for the entire time they are in the game. There are other things such as combat, items, the environment, etc. however the player does not see them evolve or […]

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Story Design

There are two new articles on story design. Check out Story Writing Concepts and Story Development. These two articles build on Story Design Basics and will provide Authors some ideas for how to approach writing the story for a game.

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